Our Vision

"Giving higher believable satisfactory service for the public and, protect the excellent energetic service among the divisional government sectors"

Our Mission

"According to the government policy, providing service, connecting the resources, with the participant of public, giving prosperous life to the residence of the division by effective development planning"



In Anuradhapura District ,Sri lanka , Kekirawa is situated along with the latitude 7⁰ 30'' and 8⁰ 30'' to North while the longitude 80⁰ 00'' and 81⁰ 00''to Eastern slightly towords South. It is boarded in North to Thirappane Divisional Secretariat , in Eastern to Palugaswewa Divisional Secretariat ,in South to Dambulla and Palagala Divisional Secretariats, in Western to Ipalogama Divisional Secretariat.

Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat is 341.69 square kilo meter in extent. It is the largest Divisional Secretariat in Anuradhapura District. You will meet Kekirawa , the road running from Kandy to Anuradhapura, 18 kilo meters from Dambull town.Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat is a landmark in Kekirawa town.

Administrative Divisions

53 Grama Niladhari divisions and 114 villages belong to this Divisional Secretariat. Grama Niladhari Divisions and Grama Niladharis, Directories have been mentioned here.

Index No. Division No. Grama Niladhari Division Villages
1 605 Nawakkulama Nawakkulama, amuṇukole, Kapuwatte, kolongasyaya
2 606 Moragoda Moragoda, Uṇagollewa, Bendiwewa
3 607 Keeriyagaswewa Keeriyagaswewa, Kaḷuebe
4 608 Mahadivulwewa Mahadivulwewa, Konwewa, Udakadawalayagama
5 609 Heenukkiriyawa Heenukkiriyawa, Ulpatha
6 610 Ganewalpola Ganewalpola
7 611 Mainiya Rambewa Maminiya Rambewa, Nikawewa
8 612 Kollankuttigama Kollankuttigama, Etaweerawewa
9 613 Maminiyawa Mamiṇiyawa
10 614 Thoruwewa Thoruwewa, Nochchikulama, Kahaṭagaswewa
11 615 Kele Puliyankulama Puliyankulama, Kadiragama, kadubaḍagama, Kossokanda
12 616 Ihala Puliyankulama Ihaḷapuliyankulama, Ulankulama, Ethiniwetunuwewa
13 617 Maradankadawala Maradankadawala, Thawalamhalmillewa, Pansalagama
14 618 Olukaranda Olukaranda, Karambewaththa
15 619 Mudaperumagama Muḍaperumagama, Koṭṭalbadda
16 620 Dumriya Nagaraya Dumriya Nagaraya
17 621 Ihalagama Ihalagama, Gokarellagama
18 622 Shasthrawelliya Shasthrawelliya
19 623 Karukkankulama Karukkankulama, Mailanperumawa, Kanjanankulama
20 624 Mailagaswewa Mailagaswewa, Thelambiyagama
21 625 Neekiniyawa Neekiniyawa, Paṇikkankulama, Samagigama
22 626 Malawa Malawa, Thalawa Road, Jayanthi Road
23 627 Maradankadawala Road Maradankadawala Road, Court Place
24 628 Kekirawa Town Kekirawa Town, Sekkupitiya
25 629 Kuda Kekirawa Kuda Kekirawa
26 630 Mankadawala Mankaḍawala
27 631 Maldenipura Maldenipura
28 632 Embulgaswewa Embulgaswewa, Nelliyagama, Vitharanagama
29 633 Medawewa Medawewa, Aliyaweṭuṇuwewa, Kirimetiyawa
30 634 Pothanegama Pothanegama, Ilukegama
31 635 Kumbukwewa Kumbukwewa, Mahawewa
32 636 Rathmalkanda Rathmallewa, Kudawewa, Nabaḍawewa, Moragaswewa
33 637 Maha Kekirawa Maha Kekirawa, Thibbatuwewa
34 638 Olombewa Olombewa, Sembukuliya, Olombewa Road
35 639 Korasagalla Korasagalla
36 640 Medagama Medagama, Uda Koralagalla
37 641 Maha Elagamuwa Elagamuwa
38 642 Pallehingura Pallehingura, Uda Hingura, Kuda Egalgamuwa
39 643 Unagollewa Uṇagollewaa, Pahalagama
40 644 Horapola Horapola, Moragollegama
41 645 Nidigama Nidigama, Suriyagama
42 646 Barawila Barawila, Hudaliyagama
43 647 Murungahitikanda Murungahiṭikanda, Kailapathana
44 648 Kotagala Kotagala, Akkara 100
45 649 Nelbegama Ihalagama, Nelbegama, Ihaḷawaththa
46 650 Madatugama Madatugama, Baramakula
47 651 Kandalama East Kandalama East, Ramadagala
48 652 Kithulhitiyawa Kitulhiṭiyawa, Moragaswewa, Millagama
49 653 Kandalama West Kandalama West
50 654 Dunumandalawa Dunumanḍalawa, Hewenthennegama.
51 655 Bandarapothana Baṇḍarapothana, Kadṇḍugama
52 656 Undurawa Unduruwa, Demnunnewa, Koonpalayagama
53 657 Dambewatana Dambewatana, Kalagama

division map

gs map

Geographical Features

Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat is located along with Southern plain. Nearly with the height of 800 feet plain area. Stones can be seen adjacent to this and in other various places.

The Ritigala mountain range is situated towords the Eastern side. The seven tops mountain range is historically important. This naturally beautified mountain diversity range is the start of Malwathu Oya. That supplies water to the historical Anuradhapura Kindom. Thus Ritigala is considered as a water feeding area. About 180 – 200 indegenious herbal plants are found here according to various climatic conditions range in Sri lanka.

Water Flow

As the land feature step plain to North water flows towords the direction of North. Water flows through this Divisions with two canals. Malwathu Oya that is in Plugaswewa Divisional Secretariat division connects this division flows through Ganewalpola Maminiyawa and from there to Pahala Ambathale Grama Niladhari Division, in Thirappane Divisional Secretariat. Dambulla Oya that is in Dambulla Divisional Secretariat connects this division flows to Palagala Divisional Secretariat Division. Malwathu Oya that feeds Mahamankadawala and Maminiyawa is a great support for the agricultural purposes.

Other Water Resources

More than 100 minor irrigated tanks, Mahamankadawela and Maminiyawa two major irrigated tanks are under Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat Division. By feeding Kandalama tank under Mahaweli project That nourishes 25 Divisions with Agricultural based economy.

History of Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat

Role performed at DS

Name From To
E.M. Abeyrathna 1972.07.01 1973.11.01
Weerasena Kalupahana 1973.11.02 1975.03.02
K.D. Senadeera 1975.03.03 1982.10.02
M. Jayathilaka 1982.10.03 1985.03.30
A. Norbet 1985.04.01 1990.02.14
S.M.B. Niyarepola 1990.02.15 1992.08.20
Rupasiri Wellage 1992.08.21 1993.03.07
H. Ariyadasa 1993.03.08 1993.11.24
K.W. Gamage 1993.11.25 1995.02.01
R.M.P.B. Rajapaksha 1995.02.02 1995.05.02
U.D. Yapa


P.A.G. Jayawardhana 2002.11.14 2004.03.21
P.K. Jayalath 2004.03.22 2007.08.12
K.B. Hettiarachchi 2007.08.13 2011.12.07
R.A.G.W.M.A.S. Bandara 2011.12.08 2018.06.25
M.G.N. Dilrukshi 2018.06.26 2018.10.17
K.M.I.D. Kanakarathna 2018.10.18  Current

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